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About Us

The Gifted Rat was founded in Minneapolis, MN in 2017 by a mom that enjoys playing pranks on her kids. The products are delightful, surprising, and fun.

Photo: George learning about cats

Our Story

Hi, I'm Deborah. One winter day in Minnesota my kids Eli ( 8yrs old) and Isabel (7 yrs old) walked home with me from the school bus stop. As they walked in the house with boots and mittens still on, I handed them a box and said "I got you a gift. Open it."

Eli lifted the lid off the box, jumped, and began laughing. Inside the box was a fake furry rat! Later I placed the little gray rat on the stairs. After Eli walked up, he yelled back down "Mommy, I saw the rat!" Eli moved the rat up a couple steps, pointing towards the wall.

Soon Isabel found the rat. She tied the tail to the hand railing. The rat dangled down in mid-air, looking so realistic. It became a fun game for our family; moving the rat, always surprising each other with its placement. The fake rat became a kind of pet for us, and always made my children smile and laugh.

From there, an idea was born; what if there was a delivery service for fake yet lifelike rats? A way to share the fun with others. So, the The Gifted Rat began.

We truly hope your new pet rat brings you as much fun and laughter as ours brought us!

About The Founder (Deborah)

I grew up in Sacramento, California. Watching a Vikings game on TV, Dad said Minnesota was the coldest state in the nation.

Intrigued, for my 6th grade class project, I wrote a report about the far away state, Minnesota. I enjoyed learning about the land of 10,000 lakes, Paul Bunyan & the Blue Ox, and snow!

Minnesota always held a certain fascination for me, and when the opportunity came in 1999, I moved to beautiful Minneapolis. I've called it home ever since.

Photo: Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis MN

About Our Highly Valued Business Consultants (Eli, Isabel & Bear)

Eli enjoys playing tennis and Minecraft. His worst school subject is Music/Singing class.

Isabel enjoys making slime and American Girl Doll accessories. Isabel enjoys all her school classes.

Bear, our Golden Doodle (Isabel named him) demands more attention than a toddler, and is just as mischievous. Bear enjoys digging up plants and pulling toilet paper off of the roll.

Finally, in keeping with our connection to rats, Isabel and Eli's father plays with live rats everyday, as a developmental neuroscientist at the University of Minnesota. You could say that a fascination with rats runs in the family!

Photo: Eli, Isabel & Bear

Who Is Izzy Rose?

Our company persona, Izzy Rose, is in honor of my parents. Dad's named Izzy. Mom's named Rose. Eli and Isabel's middle names are Izzy and Rose too. Although Izzy & Rose passed away, we hope they look down from heaven, proud their names live on and proud of their daughter and grandkids.

Our Values

  • Enjoy the little things
  • Share your passion
  • Live with integrity
  • Follow your heart
  • Have a good time
  • You are valued; value others
  • Act now on your dreams and goals

dba Izzy Rose

About Our Beloved George, The Gifted Rat

Once upon a time, a rat named Harold came to the USA aboard the elegant R.M.S Queen Mary. It's one of the most spectacular ocean liners in the world. Legend has it, Harold danced in the grand ballroom, swam in the magnificent swimming pool, and dined on the finest French Camembert cheese.

Flash forward to today. Like his grandfather, Harold, George enjoys travel, parties, and expensive cheese. George also likes lollipops, dressing up for portraits, going on adventures, and playing hide and seek with family and friends.

 Photo: George getting ready for a dance

Share the fun. Give your purebred fake rat a place of its own. Adopt one of George's friends Now!