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Miniature Plush Bunny Tiny Bunny Mini
stuffed animal bunny rabbit
1 inch stuffed bunny rabbit plush
Miniature Plush Bunny, Plush Mouse, Plush rat,
Tiny plush bunny, Pretend mouse, pretend rat
Tiny soft bunny rabbit

Miniature Plush Bunny

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This itty bitty mini plush jointed cream-colored bunny is ever so sweet with the pink little nose. The happy little stuffed rabbit will make you smile.

This little bunny has tiny, stitched black eyes, rosy mouth and nose. Because he (she) is jointed, the arms and legs can twist, bend and move back and forth (with your helping hand).  A little white cord loop is attached at the top of the head to connect and hang as you please, like on a keychain.

Hide the miniature bunny under the rat as a very special gift! Bunny loves to play with mice and rats. The tiny bunny likes to take photos and go on adventures. Keep it in your pocket, or place the bunny on shelf for everyone to see.

Very heartwarming and cuddly.

The stuffed bunny is 1 inch tall.

Polyester fabric and stuffing.